We Contain Multitudes

01 Oct 2023

By Clara Balaguer, Olympia Bukkakis, Clare Butcher, Sanni Est, Priscila Fernandes, Masimba Hwati, Carmen José, Nuraini Juliastuti, Serena Lee, Gemma Medina, Daniel Neugebauer, Alessandra Saviotti, Lee Su-Feh, Edward Thompson and Carine Zaayman.

This publication is an invitation to openly and critically engage with multitudes of artistic learning methods such as making, listening, talking, researching, voicing, questioning and collaborating. The contributions between these pages open up other ways, perspectives and practices that are often closer to hand than we think.

Relationality, embodied methodologies, ecologies of collaboration, archival interventions, situating knowledges, counter-narratives, polyphony, reimagining research, unlearning school, oral publishing, voices, ‘corpoliteracy’, camp, attuning, embodiment, speculative spatial practices.

This publication is one outcome of the Quality Agreement Other Voices, and has been produced by BEAR Fine Art in collaboration with ArtEZ Press.


Priscila Fernandes

Edward Clydesdale Thomson

Clare Butcher

Clara Balaguer

Olympia Bukkakis

Sanni Est

Daniel Neugebauer

Carmen José

Nuraini Juliastuti

Serena Lee

Gemma Medina

Alessandra Saviotti

Lee Su-Feh

Carine Zaayman