Tutor Base

Tutor Base

A Tutor Base is a learning group organised around specific themes and artistic approaches, where students carry out individual and collective work. The aim of working in a Tutor Base is to offer a specific lens on building an artistic practice, a lens which is both specialised and open enough to cater for a diverse group of students. Each Base is designed and led by an artist, the tutor, whose work articulates a well-developed approach in relation to the central theme. There are seven Tutor Bases and students choose one, in principle for the entire duration of their studies:

Anatomy of the Artistic Process | Tutor: Hester Oerlemans

Artificial Facts & Intelligent Fiction | Tutor: Korrie Besems

FKA | Tutor: Madison Bycroft

From Materiality to Humanity | Tutor: Gijs Assmann

Meaning at the Margins | Tutor: Vincent Vulsma

Performance | Tutor: Zhana Ivanova

Storytelling | Tutor: Josefin Arnell

Tutor Bases

Artificial Facts & Intelligent Fiction


From Materiality to Humanity

Meaning at the Margins



Anatomy of the Artistic Process