Meaning at the Margins

Meaning at the Margins

The Tutor Base Meaning at the Margins develops artistic strategies to investigate and look beyond how the world is presented in dominant narratives. We embrace a diversity in perspectives by bringing in our personal histories, (dis-) abilities, identities and imagination. At the same time, we look beyond individuality and acknowledge the interdependencies that allow our life and work to exist.

Art is a delicate set of expressions, gestures and propositions that depend on a culture of solidarity and care in order to survive. Therefore, this Tutor Base encourages a reflective atti- tude towards the material conditions of life and work, such as (reproductive) labour and infrastructures, which it approaches as objects of critical inquiry and as spaces to intervene in and help to reshape.

The Tutor Base Meaning at the Margins cultivates a wide range of research methods, ranging from theoretical study
and fieldwork to playful experimentation with materials — the choice for a specific method depending on the nature of
a project. We frequently exhibit work and experiment with alternative ways of presenting. This includes playing with con- textual materials, such as text, titles and location, and spatial conditions, such as light and sound and architecture. The aim is for each student to develop a personal, research-based way of working, in which making is paired with an explicit reflection on one’s own perspective and position — while developing the skills needed to come together and support each other.


Vincent Vulsma