The Tutor Base Performance focuses on the performative, reality-producing dimension of art. Using performance as a lens, we ask ourselves what we want a work to do, what kind of situation it creates, what relationship it sets up with an audience. Although these questions are particularly prominent in performance practices, they can be asked independently of the medium the work is made in.

The Tutor Base is not only for students who use performance as their medium. It places particular emphasis on developing an attitude, an ethos with which to approach any artistic work. As a matter of principle, each idea, each artistic proposal is seen as artistically viable. The artistic gesture unfolds in what follows: developing ways to think and act through the conse- quences of one’s ideas. To take responsibility for the work that you put out there in the world.

Each year, working methods shift, depending on who is in the group. Performance, as a practice and as a discourse, offers a set of practical approaches, through notions such as space, rhythm, mise-en-scène, dramaturgy, repetition and duration. However, the artistic proposal is the driving force in the individual and collective process. As a group, we try to unravel our artistic cosmologies, to understand what the work needs.


Zhana Ivanova