Martine van Lubeek

Martine van Lubeek is an artist based in Arnhem. In 2022, she will graduate from BEAR (Base for Experiment, Art and Research) at ArtEZ University of the Arts. Her research-based practice is grounded in the field of knowledge production. By being in the world, she conducts place-based experiments formed by actively listening to the land. With these, she unravels its hidden material knowledges, explores local indigenous knowledges, and adapts ways of knowing that acknowledge our entangled lives and transcend dichotomies formed by Western ontologies. Her experiments take the form of workshops, texts and sculptural elements, both in and outside the exhibition space. When placed together, the experiments function as archival, relational constellations of place that grow from a thinking-feeling with the earth. As such, she facilitates knowledges through listening and imagines a future of symbiosis.


2023-2024 Guest


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