Kevin van Braak

Kevin van Braak’s work is set around politically and ideologically problematic issues. In recent years, he turned his attention to the visibility and invisibility of the display of power in buildings, people, location, and artifacts and how our historical consciousness functions in relation to the history behind it. He is particularly interested in reproducing, restoring and transforming ideological images and metaphors through sculptures, installations, events and performances. It makes it possible for him to touch political and ideological sensibilities, and in his most recent projects also a personal story, to explain the histories of buildings, objects and contexts. Time tends to change events and how hard we try to keep the facts, the written and visual materials that witnesses to these events, seem to be subject to transformation. Through imitation, restoration, adaptation and transformation of these relics, he tries to give their historical development and (former) ideological features a voice through visualization and interpretation.

Kevin van Braak (1975, Warnsveld, Netherlands) has exhibited internationally among others Framer Framed Amsterdam, Sonsbeek 2016 Transaction, Cacos, Shards, at the Galeria Quadrado Azul Lisbon, Portugal, Invisible Violence, Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade, Territory, Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam and XIV International Sculpture Biennale of Carrara, Italy.



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