Theme Studio Lens-Based

Theme Studio Lens-Based

Theme Studio Lens-Based is divided into two parts. Part one, in the first semester, focuses on the medium of photography within artistic practice. Part two, in the second semester, focuses on audiovisual (AV).

The photography course introduces students to basic photographic and lighting techniques through a series of assignments. Each assignment is also designed to chart and explore the agency of imaging and photographic practices within culture at large.

The AV course in the second semester offers an intro- duction to film and video practices through a series of assign- ments, discussions and presentations. The main question of the course is how to develop a practice-led research project in and through film. As with the photography course in the first semester, the AV course is designed to pair learning practical skills with the introduction of conceptual and contextual ques- tions around (moving) image in society.


Sonia Mangiapane

Ana Bravo-Pérez

Luisa González Valencia