Madison Bycroft

Tutorgroup: Critical Practice

Working with video, sculpture and performance, Madison Bycroft’s current interests extend into forms of reading and writing, expression and refusal. The politics of illegibility and legibility are explored through language and material, asking how ‘sense’ is framed by historical contexts, biases, and structures of power.
Bycroft is interested in how we might re-imagine “reading” (in its expanded sense) and understanding, not as goal oriented towards accomplishment, but as a relationship that hovers and makes space: opaque, never arriving, ungrounded and floating. Here, floating is explored as a methodology of disorientation and a practice of pleasure that is not goal oriented and instead fractured, wandering, abstracted and planktonic.

Zhana Ivanova

Tutorgroup: Performance

Zhana Ivanova’s practice centres on rearranging and reconfiguring daily patterns and systems to which we have grown accustomed. She often uses performance in order to artificially induce situations in which social and power relations fluctuate. Her constructions are initially formal and rule-governed; yet within them she insistently exposes the ambiguity of her own rules.
Website Zhana Ivanova
Tutor Context & Installation BEAR

Edwin Zwakman

Tutorgroup: Context & Installation

Edwin Zwakman's work focuses on our relation with reality. He explores the connection between reality and photography, creates artistic interventions in public spaces, or develops semi-architectonic structures. His works are shown all over the world.
Website Edwin Zwakman

Vincent Vulsma

Tutorgroup: Meaning at the Margins

Vincent Vulsma researches processes of cultural, political and economical appropriation. He shows that processes of artistic production are closely connected with modern ways of trade and labor. By manipulating objects Vulsma highlights the idea of its 'artwork-being', by doing so he changes the status and value of objects.
Website Vincent Vulsma

Hester Oerlemans

Tutorgroup: Art & Process

Hester Oerlemans' work mostly consists of statues and images in the public sphere, installations and drawings. She constantly searches and researches new forms and new places. She appropriates a place by adding something to it, in order to give it back. At first sight her work does not look like art at all. The goal is to change consisting situations and let viewers look multiple times.
Website Hester Oerlemans

Gijs Assmann

Tutorgroup: Materiality & Humanity

Gijs Assmann works as a painter, draftsman and sculptor. His work raises various questions and he plays with expactations of his viewers by using unexpected forms and materials. He combines morbidity with cartoonesque humor, and by doing so he creates different layers of significance.
Website Gijs Assmann

Korrie Besems

Tutorgroup: Facts & Fiction

Korrie Besems focusses in her photographic projects on the continuing transformation process of Dutch landscapes. She studies the expiry date of designed landscapes. Her work is almost a direct representation, she shows its surrounding. By a seemingly objective gaze she moves between ethos and critical analysing.
Website Korrie Besems