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Kevin van Braak

Pink Poney Express

Michiel Ceulers

Maud van den Beuken

Networked Collective

For a few years we have been working as a Networked Collective. As the word implies, this collective stems from a network, there is not a core, or center, but at most a temporary focal point. The notion was coined by Okwui Enwezor in his text The Artist as Producer in Times of
Crisis, and defined as: ‘a flexible, non-permanent course of affiliation, privileging collaboration on project basis than on a permanent alliance.’ Collectively we work within residencies, projects, exhibitions, plays, informal gatherings and on publications. From these assemblies a fundamental research-area came to the core: a tension between on the one hand the social process of working together and living together, and on the other hand formal, autonomous qualities of works that are the outcomes of that process. These two aspects, the social and the autonomous, might seem independent from each other, but they interfere constantly and create an added value in their coalescence. Our collective projects are always proposals about this exchange. We would like to state a politics of collectivity. As an ensemble, but also an assembly, education can be a field in which this multi-voiced dimension resonates. In this way a Networked Collective within an educational situation does not only act as the fulfilling of a function, but as an internalization of a discourse, in which the structure becomes the embodiment of questions regarding diversity, vulnerability, multidisciplinarity and polyphonarty. The members of the collective that will give this workshop for BEAR students are: Samieh Shahcheraghi (artist), Gijsje Heemskerk (artist), Marijn van Kreij (artist), Liza Wolters (artist), Jochem van Laarhoven (artist), Chrys Amaya Michailidis (artist), Bas van den Hurk (artist), Benjamin Schoones (artist), Lotte Driessen (actor), Matea Bakula (artist), Sofie Hollander (artist), Marisa Goedhart (artist), Loran van de Wier (artist), Fatemeh Heidari (artist) and Reinout Scholten van Aschat (actor)


Kate Cooper

Propedeuse Tutor

In her video and photographic work, Kate Cooper explores the position of the female body in the history of digital image technology, and the labour and politics inherent within its commercial reproduction. By using how computer-generated images she destabilizes the division between subject and object, reflecting on how images always occupy a liminal realm between fiction and reality. Kate runs the course of Digital Practices in BEAR 1.

Ulrike Rehm

Propedeuse Tutor

Ulrike Rehm is an independent visual artist.

Hans Wijninga

Propedeuse Tutor

Hans Wijninga is a photographer.
Website Hans Wijninga

Andrée van de Kerckhove

Theory Tutor

Andrée van de Kerckhove is an independent researcher, curator and adviser.
Website Andrée van de Kerckhove

Laura van Grinsven

Theory Tutor

Laura is a philosopher and art theorician working in the field of contemporary art as a writer, art critic, lecturer and sometimes as a curator. Her ongoing research revolves around the question, and simultanious creation of a sustainable (interdisciplanary) artistc practice that is collaborative and caring.

Anik Fournier

Theory Tutor

Anik Fournier works as researcher art critic, lecturer and curator.
Website Anik Fournier

Marcel Doorduin

Propedeuse Tutor

Marcel Doorduin works as visual artist.
Website Marcel Doorduin

Karin van Dam

Propedeuse Tutor

Karin van Dam's monumental installations, sculptures and drawings can often be traced back to constructions and patterns hidden behind cities, architecture and nature. They seem like utopias in which you can wander, which take you on an imaginary journey and allow you to see the world around you differently. Van Dam is also a traveler. By coincidence she comes across her building materials: pipes, tubes, construction plastic, wells, ponds, wool and slabs of rubber. They form a pallet for temporary installations that she realizes in special places, in museums, but also on the roofs of buildings or the corner of a street.

Website Karin van Dam