Casper Thiel

Is theater and TV director. He also works as an illustrator. He teaches storytelling and coach film and team work.

Ulrike Rehm


Ulrike Rehm is an independent visual artist.

Hans Wijninga

Propedeuse & Photography

Hans Wijninga is a photographer.
Website Hans Wijninga

Wouter Scheublin

Propedeuse & Digital Techniques

Wouter Scheublin works as an industrial designer.
Website Wouter Scheublin

Tjoe Fang King

Propedeuse Mentor

Tjoe Fang King is course coordinator and entrepreneur.
Website Tjoe Fang King

Andree van de Kerckhove

Theory, TIP & ThINK

Andrée van de Kerckhove is an independent researcher, curator and adviser.
Website Andree van de Kerckhove

Laura van Grinsven

Theory, ThINK, TIP

Laura van Grinsven is philosopher and art historian and works as an independent writer, researcher, art critic, lecturer and curator.
Website Laura van Grinsven

Anik Fournier

Theory, ThINK, TIP

Anik Fournier works as researcher art critic, lecturer and curator.
Website Anik Fournier

Marcel Doorduin

Propedeuse & Themed Studio 2: Drawing and painting / graphics

Marcel Doorduin works as visual artist.
Website Marcel Doorduin

Karin van Dam

Themed Studio 1: Spatial & Installations

The works of Karin van Dam are space-filling sculptures and installations.
Website Karin van Dam

Daya Cahen

Propedeuse Tutor Assessment & Themed studio 3: Photography

Daya Cahen works as painter, photographer, video and movie artist.
Website Daya Cahen

Robbie Cornelissen

Themed Studio 2: Drawing and Painting

Robbie Cornelissen is visual artist and draftsman.
Website Robbie Cornelissen