Theme-atelier, spatial and installations

Project, Installation 2014

2016 propedeuse introduction, excursion Sonsbeek

2016 propedeuse introduction, excursion Sonsbeek

2016 propedeuse introduction, excursion Sonsbeek

The program begins with an adventurous first year (Propedeuse) with a strong emphasis on creation. You will be introduced to different approaches to art, from which, at the end of the year, you will choose to pursue. You will discover your own preferences and qualities, will be better able to work with them and will become acquainted with various aspects of the art world. In the BFA Arnhem, you will be assigned to one of our tutors. You will be part of a tutorgroup and will work in your own space or studio. You will follow lectures, go on study trips and choose from a wide range of projects, theory classes and workshop courses.

Three days a week you will participate in theme-ateliers, the core of BEARS propedeutic year. Each quarter has a central theme, which you examine from different points of view. You learn to work with lots of different techniques, materials and tools. These courses will also help you to experiment and create your own work.

All first year students follow the course tutor, during the first semesters. Here you will learn abilities that are necessary to work in the tutor group. This course can also help you to discover which group works best for you. Together with you, your teachers and head of department you will be assigned to one of our tutors. One day a week you will work in a tutor group during the second semester.

What is art? How does an artist work? How are artist and society connected? Together with all the students of department Art & Design these questions are examined during ThINK, the introductory programme in the first year.

In the first year, you will also have the opportunity to apply for admission to the Honours Programme, which is supplementary to the regular courses of your own Bachelor’s programme.

TIP (Theory In de Praktijk) is een onderdeel van ThINK. By immersing yourself in art theory and history, psychology, sociology, political science and philosophy, you will broaden your mind set and reinforce your critical thinking. The theory lessons will challenge you to investigate your work and discover your place in the world as an artist.

Each year there are three projects, in  January and June. In March there is a organized by the ArtEZ programs Jazz & Pop, Dance, Theatre, Creative Writing, Fine Art and Music Theatre. Students look for a match by getting to know each other through the use of speed dating, after which multidisciplinary groups are formed.