Technical instructions and practicals are held at the workshops, students can enlist at those. Craft and experimental workshops are provided aswel. The program for workshops and labs is responding on personal questions and demands, so it is possible to use required technical skills within the study strategy.

ArtEZ has many specialised workshops and labs, in which you will receive courses on working with materials and tools. These workshops will also be used to allow you to experiment and create your own work. You will encounter students from almost all degree programmes in the workshops.

The following workshop courses are held, for example: graphic, computer, ceramics, audiovisual, photography plastics, wood, metal, paint. There is a color and 3D lab, there are digital workshops for print, laser and animation. And there is the possibility for career prepping and book binding



Head of computer workshop:
Paul Spannenberg

Head of main workshop:
Mirjam Konink

Head of ceramic workshop:
Inge Venderbosch

Head of audiovisual workshop:
Arjan van der Monde

Head of graphic & digital workshop:
Walter Huinink

Head of photography workshop:
Dani Zonderland