Oude Kraan 74
Oude Kraan 74, Alicia Framis, Art is the Mother of Resistance

Rietveld Building

Rietveld Building, Under Construction

Rietveld building, Giro Italy, 2016

With 800 students, the Academy of Art & Design in Arnhem is the largest academy at ArtEZ. The academy has a large number of programmes in the field of art and design.

The academy distinguishes itself through the highly applied nature of its education. However, in Arnhem as well, art is undeniably the breeding ground of all our educational programmes. Art, design and practice are all common themes. The Arnhem educational model is characterised by a solid, subject-based curriculum that offers students a strong foothold and few shortcuts. Hard work and intense demands on both the artistic and craftsmanship of the work are the keys to success.

Since 1963, the academy has been housed in a building designed by Gerrit Rietveld in 1957 and then built by his firm Rietveld, Van Dillen en Van Tricht. It was officially opened on 7 June 1963. Rietveld’s early sketches already gave an accurate portrayal of how the final building would look. The horizontality of the building, the curtain walls, white bricks and spatial design are all features that characterised his work.

The study programmes Product Design, Fine Art and Fine Art & Design in Education are located a little further away on the Rhine. You will also find the student studios for Fine Art, the wood, metal and plastic workshops, the audiovisual studios and two exhibition rooms. The Master’s programmes are located in the city centre and the fashion district.