Lucas Sloot TUIN #3 // Care, 2016
Nikita v Dam & Lucas Sloot A Collapse, 2016
Lucas Sloot FLUID ENTITIES, 2016 videostill
Lucas Sloot Between Object and Intervention, 2016
Lucas Sloot Birdwatching Tower, 2016

In the belief that every – thing has endlessly more potential than we act on or even can imagine, I’m looking for the the life behind the object. The object that triggers us to interact with it. It influences us, but at the same time we influence the object. If everything has a bottomless potential, is everything the same to me? No! I enjoy some stuff more than others. How to value things?


‘Nice to meet you.

By being here, I let myself be seen. Be heard. Be felt.

I let you be near me because you let me be near you.

What we can learn from each other, is that just something between us?

What kind of influence I have on you? But also: what kind of influence you have on me?

What will I do when we depart from each other?

Do I say what I want to say? Do you hear what I want to say or are you hearing something totally different?

What do you expect of me?

The situation we are in can be everything. Still, we just talk about a few things.

Are we made just by these things or are we more than that?

Lucas as a Tower’