Connection Lost. 2015. Film and installation.
Eef Veldkamp, 2015, Oogdouche

Society is a most complex phenomenon: we are surrounded by systems and structures that make living together possible. These systems and structures are to be found on every level; in between individuals; but also in relation to society or politics. And even though we often don’t even notice them, they are evident – we have embodied them. Eventually our whole society exists in the grace of all terms and conditions we have developed through time. Nevertheless people seem to come together unconditionally. This often results in wonderful events, interesting situations and complex problems: that is why it is so important to keep questioning and exploring these unconscious systems and structures. Nonetheless we are part of them, and they are part of us.

In my practice I engage with the problems which emerge from friction points in these systems and structures which I try to understand through artistic research. Every system and structure that we have made up ourselves can also be changed, so purely reflecting on them in an artistic way does not quench my thirst. I try to find or create ways to consort with these questions and problems in order to change them or find alternatives, often in collaboration with others. Mostly through so called ‘counter-systems’: small companies, initiatives and events which are especially erected, designed and organized for these specific problems, of course with an artistic wink. I use these platforms as a method or context of working resulting is publications, artworks, products, events, workshops: anything that seems to be necessary.