Odd, strange, unusual, funny, peculiar, curious, bizarre, weird, out- landish, eccentric, unconventional, unorthodox, uncanny, unexpected, unfamiliar, abnormal, anomalous, atypical, untypical, different, out ofthe ordinary, extraordinary, baffling, irregular, offbeat, singular, remarkable, puzzling, mystifying, mysterious, unaccountable, incongruous, uncommon, outré, deviant, aber- rant, freak.


Queer was once pejorative, but the term now celebrates ‘difference’ and non-conformity: it embraces the intersectional and makes room for other voices; it takes the negative and transforms it into the affirmative. We want to use this workshop to investigate how art inherently relates to the “Queer” in a critical, celebratory, and transformative sense.

We want to reflect on how art practices can be understood as queer, not owing to their subject matter, but in how they reveal or exemplify the mechanisms that deem something as a deviation from the norm. We will contend not only with the elements that are subversive about art in general, but lay the foundations for an analytical and practical breakdown of the ‘queerness’ that lives distinctly in each individual’s practice (be they inherently queer or not), and trace how this connects to broader artistic movements.

We will investigate, critique and reconsider our views of conventionally good or bad works, religious or secular, conceptual or intuitive, using binaries often found in works and prac- tices.


On a practical level we want to achieve this in a playful and entertaining way. Each week we will give surprise assignments and challenges to be approached in ways that fit or offset the student’s individual interests and skill set.

Each week we will do class critiques and participants will be asked to respond to their own work as well as that of others while taking the frame- work of the ‘challenge’ into account.

Every week the challenges will examine ‘opposites’ in unexpected ways. By exploring and dissecting this binary, we will find a way to subvert it and together discover the elements that lie in between.

We wish to encourage not only self-reflection, but also collaborations, that through the ‘queerness’ of art, create new relationships, dynamics, possibilities and perspectives.

01.11.2017 — 30.11.2017


  • Kyle Tryhorn
  • Tania Theodorou