This project aims to create works of art that are inspired by leaving the confines of the studio / academy, and in a wider sense our familiar environments and quotidian rituals.

During the project at ARTEZ we will endeavor to create open poetic works of art / dialogues / experiences that will be inspired by walking through the city of Arnhem together. The project will explore and expound upon elements of Post studio practice (creating art or finding inspiration outside the isolation of the studio in the streets).

I am looking to create a dynamic between walking the streets/ observing the city and transforming our perceptions / experiences into works or propositions which can be re -channeled into the urban context and public domain. Our challenge will be to extend our boundaries as individuals by confronting and defining our relationship to the unfamiliar in our city. No technique or medium will be given precedence. Students are invited to explore participatory ideas, interventions with the public, but also intimate reflections such as poetry and photography and sketches.

We will explore the difficulties / practicalities / and joys of working outside the studio as well as looking to what sort of audiences / public /places we hope to reach.
Some talking points and approaches for the migratory studio group:
Nature of public interaction/intervention /dealing with the public/finding locations
Practical guide to working in the street
Trends in post studio art and practice
Developing material and ideas gathered from experiences
Group dynamics / solitary walks

01.11.2017 — 30.11.2017


  • Anik Fournier
  • Stephen Wilks