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‘Public service’ is a workshop in which participants will work towards a common goal: 30 minutes of pubic service broadcasting. It is open to students and alumni from across disciplinary boundaries to participate.

The workshop will take as its focus the Arnhem Police force and its site the medium of broadcasting.

Public service means many different things to different groups depending on who you are and the society you live in. What does it mean to you?

As participants you’ll be asked to collaborate with each other working toward a common goal: a piece of broadcast media. Its up to you as group to define the structure and content of that broadcast, whether it be a weather report or a football match, the aim is to collectively share research and production skills in order to create something greater than the sum of its parts. Part of the project will be to establishing connections with existing media platforms in order to present your ‘Public service’ broadcast whether that is RTV Arnhem or another platform.

One of the key ‘public services’ in our society is the Police force, much maligned and perhaps often for good reason, the Police force is an agency with its own set of methods, tools and beliefs. In this project you will be asked to investigate the Police force. Whether you learn from and imitate their mythologies, research their function in our social order or investigate particular actions this agency has undertaken is up to you as individuals. The aim is that collectively we will produce a broad resource of artistic research. This research will be made available to the group as a common resource with and from which to develop the

01.09.2018 — 23.10.2018


  • Edward Clydesdale Thomson


  • Larissa Esvelt
  • Fenne van Wijk
  • Yuchen Li
  • Demi van Doorn
  • Kleopatra Vorria
  • Dante van Elburg
  • Paul Heusinkveld
  • Zora Sel