My oscillatory existence between the complexities of India, where I was born, and the Netherlands where I live and work, has made me acutely aware of the problematics inherent in binary representations and allowed me to extend this observation and absorb its implications within my work. It has led me to develop a methodology that allows for the articulation of a subject while leaving space for detours and intuition. I call this my ‘Notational Methodology’.

I often stumble on subject matter intuitively and have learned that such intuition should be trusted. This marks the beginning of the process. Over the years I have begun to see a pattern in how I construct a contextual web in order to articulate the complexity of a subject. The Notational Methodology examines a subject from a variety of perspectives and ignites a trail of information, or what I prefer to call notations: notes that are related, sometimes only tangentially, to the subject. Subsequently, textual or visual material is collected and brought into the frame of the work, be it a painting, a video work or an installation.

Praneet Soi, January 2021

During 6 weeks, Praneet Soi shared his methodology with our students. By exploring individual practices and unfolding them together within the class, a map become visible within the exhibition space. The material presence was decided by the students as they worked together. This created a palimpsest of ideas, notations, thought that were writing over and over until being refined.  A layering that informs the materiality of the process.

04.01.2021 — 09.02.2021


  • Praneet Soi


  • BEAR 2 + 3