I was trained in the North-Indian Dhrupad singing, in a tradition which had as first exercise, singing the vowel /a/ before sunrise, for at least half an hour on prolonged low tones. I observed the night-day transition, which a.o. sensibilized my listening and reinforced my voice. Adapting to a cyclic time, it affected my social life and perception to chronological (economical / functional) time. This learning influenced me a lot as it became part of my daily life. Walking out my house at twilight, when all is still dark, feeling the sound vibrations, and observing what is happening at this transformative moment. Something as simple as the sunrise, something that happens everyday and marks the start of a new day, more than the conceptualized midnight.

Janneke van der Putten

During this project our students investigated the astronomical and geographical elements as the moon and the water in relation to a theoretical but mainly experiential approach, intuitive and physical. Through collective actions and (public space) interventions students considered their presence, context and its multiple definitions.

07.09.2020 — 13.10.2020


  • Janneke van der Putten


  • BEAR 2 + 3