The title for the project is intended to refer to both:
a) channels of water or air as they divert and separate when coming from a source, like in a river
b) channels found on TV, radio or internet, each with its own specific direction and audience

Inspiration tends to be an unfashionable word- it implies some kind of sincerity or pureness, as if ideas appear directly to you, without mediation or interference, and not weighed down so much by what has come before. In reality, it feels more like ideas arrive out of a chaotic swirl of images, senses, connections – and often don’t feel like they arrive at all- sometimes they occur without recognizing immediately or require something or someone else to draw attention to it.

Maybe the crucial factor in inspiration is the element of “surprise”- not so much the idea of creating something new, but more like you stumble across it, the act of finding.

Putting material or information through channels implies not that things remain fixed but remain in a sense of constant flux, as if they are being directed and diverted at a particular time and space. The process of channeling what inspires you into an artwork and how this could be achieved will be our focus for the project.

We will begin by analyzing ways of researching and “finding”- both by discussion and in the process of actually doing it. We will try to move between sources and mediums fluidly, looking for surprising co-belonging and familiarities between things we might not have connected at first sight.

This will be done with the idea of thinking about ways of making imaginative leaps and to surprise ourselves- in a sense to “train” how we find inspiration, and furthermore how this gets channeled into our own works.

01.09.2019 — 01.10.2019


  • Dan Alwin


  • Ewan Mc Sorley
  • Edie Terpstra
  • Poeka Boland
  • Dante van Elburg
  • Xam van Kempen
  • Zora Sel
  • Daniela Rodrigues
  • Sterre Jansen
  • Paul Heusinkveld
  • Puck Terstal
  • Lotte Manders
  • Jessica van Egmond
  • Gideon Kramer
  • Cao Tang
  • Frida Berntsen
  • Solanyi van Solingen