With the 6-week Collective Making program we invite you to become part of our collective and experience what it means to work as a collective body. Important for us is the idea of ‘becoming’ and ‘not-knowing’. In her book The Mushroom at the End of the World, Anna L. Tsing coins the term latent commons, which she describes as hidden, fugitive moments of entanglement between living beings in a complex world. These commons may not be directly visible, as they develop themselves in interaction, cooperation, competition and desires between different beings and environments. When we move, create, feel, talk and eat together, we try to become aware and experience what these commons could be.

Our collective practice and form is one of being a multitude, with different opinions, disciplines, forms of engagements, roles, positions, searching for ways of relating to and communicating with each other. To work our way through differences, similarities and encounters, to frame a space and time as we work. How to understand work as a process of making and receiving, and to understand receiving as a productive act in itself that can again activate new processes of making and understanding, and through which new notions of collectivity may arise.

05.09.2022 — 11.10.2022


  • Networked Collective


  • BEAR 2 + 3