The project ‘Chaos in Hibernations focusses on (the idea of) recycling.

The concept Recycling is a result of the current chaotic situation in the world around us. We intent to transform this chaos, to exorcize, to congeal it and to translate recycling to art. The result can be an installation, maquette or a serie of drawings.

The concept of this workshop comes from the theoretical notion of recycling based not he works and live of the German Dadaist, Kurt Schwitters (1887-1948). The origin of his work lies in the chaotic pre-nazi period. From this point of view we draw a line into the present.

During this workshop the student will work with recycled and used materials, in all sorts of ways, for example, physical recycling materials or old film / photo footages, or even recycled ideas and movements that will burst into live within the artwork.

27.01.2016 — 16.03.2016


  • Rob Voerman
  • Lucette ter Borg


  • Zoey Lundgren