Presikhaaf is a post-war neighbourhood, that features the oldest shopping mall of the Netherlands. Personally we made a large scale performance in an environment somehow similar to Presikhaaf: the trainstation of Utrecht Centraal. This performance was a choreography of everyday movements that four performers executed synchronously, and lasted half a year long, becoming a semi-permanent presence, like a sculpture.

We discovered that working in the public space challenged us as artists to engage with different audiences: one cannot assume any knowledge of art, not even the assumption that art is something interesting or worthwhile. Audiences that you would otherwise never reach with your work and that can have very interesting reactions to it. Secondly, it is a challenge formally because in the public space there is not the visual protection of the white walls of a gallery of a museum. The art work is in direct relationship to an actual environment, which influences its visual appearance and reading.

But mostly we find the public space interesting because it is the physical place where a community manifests itself. As an artist, you are always part of a community, of a society. But who constitutes this society: is it the neighbourhood you live in, the country you were born in; is it the European Union or is it the world? And how is this community constituted, how is it organised, and what is the role of an artist (you, us) in this?

Project devised by guest artists Sander Breure & Witte van Hulzen.

07.09.2020 — 13.10.2020


  • Sander Breure
  • Witte van Hulzen


  • BEAR 2 + 3