In ‘De handgezaagde ziel’ (2013), Cornel Bierens predicts a Golden Age for craftsmanship. The recurring interest in old techniques does not stand by itself but blends with the embrace of new implements like the 3D printer, making it possible to make almost

everything. In his essay Bierens explores the tense relationship between the technical ability of the artist and the “canonization of ideas and theories”.

However, it is questionable whether the difference between idea and craft is as big as Bierens claims. Perhaps the most important difference is time and attention: how beautiful would it be when artists kick off from ideas that they reject, adjust, rediscover and transcend through, and in the duration of, the visualization and making process.

After visiting documenta 14 in Kassel, this project is a test in trying to make this a reality. Taking the Ceramics Workshop in the Rietveld Building as a base, students in this project will – through a constant process of making – try to determine their own position in this discussion. Making takes a centrale role as a form of devotion, as a means of finding a direct and down-to-earth relationship with topics in reality.

01.11.2017 — 30.11.2017


  • Gijs Assmann
  • Wouter Prince – MRK