“The personal is political,” was a phrase that once helped make sense of the intersection between the private and the public, and we will use this ‘border-land’ as a field of activity and topic.

In this workshop I will introduce different performance vocabularies and methodologies including lecture-based and interventions, but with a primary focus on the moving-and-talking improvisational method drawn from dance. We will work weekly in the dance studio to develop this performance vocabulary.

At the same time, I will introduce strategies and methods of engaging and investigating, from archival research to diaristic-reflection, including photography and video. With a focus on historical memory and site we will also work on and with the landscape around us in the city.

At the end of the workshop we will make an informal presentation drawing upon the vocabulary and material introduced in the workshop.

01.09.2019 — 01.10.2019


  • Jeremiah Day


  • Jelle Kuilenburg
  • Geri Fako
  • Lynn Broertjes
  • Sara Kriegsman
  • Sean Nelissen
  • Yung Min Park
  • Sarjon Azouz
  • Aydee Derix
  • Mirte van den Bos
  • Joris van Buul
  • Ida Leijting
  • Laila Saber Rodrigues
  • Anna Hendrix
  • Marieke van Loon
  • Marcel Tannous
  • Ioanna Mixta