To practice site-specific-research and site-specific-making one needs to look at things from real close, in the real context. With Call of the Wild we aim to develop experiments that shine a light on the appearance and existence of this box. Students will be in close contact with experts in the field and will learn to look at the subject of the Mosquito box from different relevant perspectives (sonological, political/ethical, ecological, social). These perspectives can be expanded according to personal interests.

Our research is in cooperation with different partners, including the supplier, a sonologist, the municipality, a musician, and the local public. Each connects to another aspect or friction-point in the research.
Meeting and involving other/experts is elementary in this project. There is you and there is the other(s), there is never you alone. How, when, where and why do you connect/interact/infiltrate or relate to the other(s)?

Possible outcomes might range from technological interventions to performances in public space/relevant context. Due to the local embeddedness of the mosquito box, the outcomes of students’ projects will be related to this context. We envision a series of variable experiments that attempt to transform the sound emitted by the Mosquito into an experience perceivable for everybody. Integral part of the project will be to make a registration to be able to show this at the end presentations.

05.09.2022 — 11.10.2022


  • Pink Poney Express


  • BEAR 2 + 3