This project is as much about the mind as it is about a medium. We call the medium film,
although it is in fact digital video. It is a mind-opening project with some very special guests
from the world of the moving image.

We are going to work according to nine very simple rules:
1. Every student works individually, unless she knows a good partner
2. Every project is an essay film
3. Every student chooses her own theme
4. Every project contains profound research
5. Everybody works with the phone camera, unless she can convince us of a better option
6. The maximum length of a film of an individual student is 4:30 minutes
7. Students who work together are allowed to make a film of 6:00 minutes
8. Students participate actively during the meetings, and work hard during the week
9. Everything is negotiable, but you have to convince us of the benefit that a change of a
rule can have for the quality of your project

05.01.2018 — 01.02.2018


  • Erik Viskil
  • Johan Grimonprez
  • Tamara Vuurmans
  • Coco Schrijber


  • Judith Willemsen
  • Fenne van Wijk
  • Aisi Schuur
  • Victoria Schamin√©e
  • Lynn Broertjes
  • Lore Pilzecker
  • Liedeke Taen
  • Merel Zonneveld