Something Where There Should Be Nothing

Did we see this coming? Perhaps we felt it, this inevitable and inescapable wave of change. Suddenly things are not as static and secure as we thought they were and despite this instability, there is room to play again, to imagine. Not only on the outside but also inside, in the figments of our imagination, reside all kinds of things as of yet unfamiliar to us. ‘Something’ glimpsed in the corner of the eye or the back of the mind. Sometimes when you least expect it, sometimes when it’s right in front of you…

In this exhibition you are invited to reconsider, to dare to doubt and be open to new perspectives and ideas on stigmas and embedded beliefs. It is in this collapse of the known, that something new can truly be created. The 23 graduates see the viewer as a participant who is not standing safely on the side-lines but is involved in performative and engaging works that provoke an active stance. Because they show that there is something at stake here, that might disturb you and the things you hold dear. In times where physical nearness has become scarce and our surroundings become increasingly digital, they remain attached to the material processes that ultimately drive their art. The handling of a material grounds them in a constantly fluctuating and ephemeral reality. Something real to hold onto in this uncertain world.
Something Where There Should Be Nothing as a title is a direct quote from Mark Fisher’s book ‘The Weird and The Eerie’ and brings together a zany yet eerie perspective that is central to this exhibition. Apart from a playful approach, the graduates are aware of the darker implications of seemingly light subjects and aesthetics. They make sure things often overlooked get your full attention and that the nuance and poetry are not lost in the harsh turbulence of current times. They create even if no one listens, they create despite of it, so don’t be fooled by what you think you see or know. The works and current situation form this playful but eerie landscape, that gladly invites You to: Something Where There Should Be Nothing. 

4- 8 November

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Instagram: @artez_bearfinals

Emiel Ambroos
Romy Berends
Mirte van den Bos
Benjamin van der Burg
Samuel du Chatinier
Robin Drexler
Larissa Esvelt
Elisa Klabbers
Zoé Martin
Marieke Peeters
Mitchel Peters
Lore Pilzecker
Eleonora Johanna Remmen
Lynn Salentijn
Anne SchoemakerVanhove & Van der Schaaf – installatietechniek.
Anna de Vriend
Janna van Welsem
Eva van Wenum
Fenne van Wijk
Merel Zonneveld

04.11.2020 — 08.11.2020