Hortus // Forum

Thursday April 20th (10am-17pm)


At the request of YOU, BEAR students, WE (your loving 5à7 team) have planned a full day 5à7 gathering. The theme of the day is to refuse the tenuous relation of BEAR to its habitat. Together, we are going to take the bull by the horns and begin imagining how we can better occupy our building, its entourage, engage with it, care for it, and imagine it otherwise.

We will begin by putting the immediate exterior spaces in dialogue with each other through the notions of the Hortus and the Forum. The Hortus, or garden, is the private space of reflection, research, study (and in BEAR’s case, occasional parties). The Forum, is the city scape where publics connect, discuss and engage with issues of concern.

In the morning, we have invited artist Edward Clydesdale Thomson to undertake a workshop with YOU, the students, in your Hortus. YOU will be asked to observe and research what is already at play in the back garden and begin to discuss how this can be used and transformed creatively into something else.
In the afternoon, WE move to the Forum where YOU, together with students and faculty from all departments at ArtEZ, will undertake a historical excavation of Peter Struyken’s Blauwe Golven. This urban project is currently the subject of much debate in the city of Arnhem. Hence, it is the perfect opportunity to activate our relation to the Forum. Arnhem artists and colleagues of Struycken, Peter Nijenhuis, Jerome Symons, and Jan van IJzendoorn, will guide us through this excavation in the form of an exhibition, storytelling and excursion on site.

The schedule for Hortus//Forum Day:
Welcome: 10am OK 74
Workshop Edward Clydesdale Thomson: 10h30-13h00
Lunch: 13h00-14h00
Blauwe Golven: 14h00-17h00
Drinks at BEAR OK74: 17h00

WE look forward to seeing YOU there!

20.04.2017 — 20.04.2017