Hey everyone,

This Thursday we’re going to play boardgames during 5à7. It would me nice if you could all come and bring friends if you want to 🙂
I’ll bring some board games myself (see list below). In case you have any board games yourself of which you think: this can definitely not miss on a board game evening, be free to bring them.
I hope you understand I can’t explain all the games on my own, so I am still looking for some ‘experts’ who can help me out with that. If you already know the rules of one of my board games, or if you just want to help me out (which would be really kind), I would love to hear your response.
After having played different board games I would like to pofit of the amount of people and end the event with the game Werewolves of Millers Hollow (Weerwolven van Wakkerdam).

Thank you all for your attention and hopefully I’ll see you all on Thursday.

Kind regards,

Board games:
Ticket to Ride America
Halli Galli
Wie is de mol? / The resistance
Mr. Jack
Take 5
Phase 10
White stories (variant van Black Stories)

13.04.2017 — 13.04.2017