How to name an artwork?

On the verge of another schouw, while preparing the details roundabout the works, dusting off the sculpture, practising the performance, fighting over beamers, whiting the walls, cursing over sticky tape leftovers, it only occurs to me in these final days to search for a proper title for the works. Not recommended, the titles usually suck and never stick.

Hence this coming Thursday January 19th during 5 a 7 I present to you:


A workshop involving strategies, pittfalls and many examples. Also, you are encouraged to bring your own poor nameless artwork! We will take care of naming it together.

Hope to see you Thursday!

Nina Meijer

P.s. don’t forget: afterwards at 20:00 there is the opening of SOLUTIONS TO A NON-EXISTING PROBLEM by Laura de Vogel and Sjors Bindels at circa… dit

19.01.2017 — 19.01.2017