Dinner and drinks by THE BARBEARIANS!

This week the 5à7 becomes a stage to share with you BEAR’s participation at the Ruhrtriennale College Campus. From August 8th to September 4th, students and colleagues came together from all over Europe to experience, discuss and create from within the context of Johan Simons’s Embrace. Along side a packed program of visits to works and performances scattered throughout the Ruhr region and its industrial monuments, students attended workshop and seminars where they were able to engage and exchange with others around specific topics.

The 5à7 will present the results of these workshops. On view on the ground floor will be works by students of Anik and Andrée’s Poetics of Relation. The nineteen participants in their workshop were given the challenge to respond to Eduard Glissant poetic philosophy of the relation through collaborations across geographic locations. They also had to find creative ways of having their artistic creations travel from a distance to Arnhem. As a part of the exhibition, there will be a participative performance in a theory local of OK 74. The eight students from BEAR that attended the College Campus will also give short presentations on their respective workshops: manche(r)art) and Reflection as Spatial Practice. The short presentations will be interspersed with moments to eat, drink and mingle together. We look forward to seeing you there!

13.10.2016 — 13.10.2016