Finals 2024

From 03 Jul 2024

To 07 Jul 2023


Don't miss this opportunity to get to know 26 inspiring thought thought-provoking unique graduates from BEAR - Base for Experiment, Art & Research. Visit us at Oude Kraan 26 + 74 Arnhem, at ArtEZ University of the Arts until this coming Sunday, 7th July.

‘drip, drip, drip, drip’ is a group exhibition showcasing a diverse range of art, sound, and materials that both support and challenge each other. The concept of "dripping" enacts the ongoing creativity of the graduating artists where the small rhythmic droplets of practice pool and pull into a larger body of work. This exhibition is not defined by a single form or shape but is a fluid mix of different people and works. It also spans multiple locations, both within and outside of ArtEZ. This space between artworks becomes a creative zone where identities blend and merge. We are interested in the fluid boundaries where one artwork ends and another begins drip, drip, dripping into new understandings.

Looking forward to see you there, and stay hydrated! 

Warm regards on behalf of our graduates:
Alma van Woudenberg, Ellen Fleig Gracia, Eleonora Moolenburgh, Frederique van der Wee, Fauve van Tol, HebeDiepenmaat, Izs Christoffels, Irene Donatini, Isabella Thoonen, Josquin van Elburg,Lisa Michelle Bakker, Levon Zoomers,Michan Peters, Milan van der Stouw, Marieke Vermij, Margarita Villuveit, Niki Koti, Paty Berendsen, Rizq Naherta, SegerVerbist, Sharon Vreeburg, Sam Zanardo, Sean Park, Tico Geurtzen, Tara van den Bout, and Roona YJ Kim.

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