From July 1 until 31, the fourth-year students of Base for Experiment Art and Research (Fine Art) ArtEZ are organizing a campaign in collaboration with gallery and production place Plaatsmaken. With this campaign they want to draw attention to their unique situation and their postponed graduation show.

The graduation show (entitled ‘Something Where There Should Be Nothing’) is postponed until the coming fall and will be taking place from November 4 until 8. However, the twenty-three BEAR students refuse to sit still and want to take advantage of the new possibilities that this situation has given rise to.
The students found inspiration in the national campaign by NEST (The Haque). NEST is presenting work of a selected group of Fine Art graduates on billboards through the city. Together with artist and curator Ruben Planting, the students have made their own interpretation of this concept with their campaign.

Starting on the first of July, every Friday four students will carry two billboards in a walk through Arnhem. These billboards will show a representation of works that the students made while the school was inaccessible: In their student room, their parental home or out in nature. These mobile billboards will at the same time be part of the public space and interact in a direct but playful way with the citizens of Arnhem, so they can get into contact with the students and their work.

Plaatsmaken will serve as the home base, where a growing and dynamic group exhibition will take place. Every week the public can get acquainted with the work of the students. With this poetic and bold act, the students want to draw attention to their position as young artists and their postponed graduation show. This billboard campaign offers a unique chance for the public to get acquainted with this diverse group of artists and simultaneously serves as an invitation to come and see their Finals exhibition this coming fall.

The exhibition will be on display at Plaatsmaken from July 1 to 31:
Klarendalseweg 82a,
6822 GC Arnhem.
Opening hours: Mo-Fri from 9.00-17.00 hours.

01.07.2020 — 31.07.2020