2017 started off with a big fat bang and it
is all about the things we can’t say and can’t do and what we are fed up with
hearing or fed up with seeing. We are all empowered and free and reclaiming our
rights and everything but we can’t really do shit without being offensive or
offended. So I thought we can look back on some people who decided to take the
world less literally and try to make a point by trying to see how much their
audience can freak out and how many people would walk away from the overwhelming
shock. Or something.

Anyway, 3 very different short films about
3 very different types of underground transgression cinema, an introduction to
what the actual heck that is and a few words on each movement they represent.
DISCLAIMER: Shocking content, including nonsensical
dialogues, partial/full nudity, sexual themes, violence, strong language and
maybe some gory animation. Maybe.
See you Thursday,

Kleopatra Vorria

23.02.2017 — 23.02.2017