~ 5À7 – RESEARCHES-WORKS-EXHIBITION by Marinda, Nina and Delano ~

​Marinda Jansen, BEAR3
Hyperreality, Anthropocene and Ageplay
In a short presentation I will discuss these 3 topics that have come to light by my own work and my internship at the Bas Kosters studio. After the presentation, I invite everyone to discuss their opinions on the topics in an active group discussion.

​Nina Kersaan, BEAR2
We are living in a world filled with data. Lots of this data is collected and stored. Locked away and sold. Do you still know what data you leave behind? In which box it belongs? In which box it places you? And what They are willing to do with it?
Approaching “the open source way” means expressing a willingness to share everything in complete openness, collaborating with others in transparent ways (so that everyone can watch and join), embracing failure as a means of improving, and expecting-even encouraging-everyone else to do the same.

Talk + demonstration
20 min

​Delano Berendsen, BEAR3
Form Fallows Function
An exhibition by Delano Berendsen

Capturing the essence of an environment by the usage of found materials that relate to the place they are collected from. By extracting objects from their original context they gain a new life, in which their original function dissolves into a brand new one. Extending the lifespan of certain objects in our consumerism age By using Archetypical objects that are recognisable by their original function a tension is created questioning function and putting forward aesthetics. Gestures and assemblages based on our Architecture in which composition is of importance. By taking object from the outside to the white cube questions are raised about high and low art. If you look at these works as paintings, the conventions of what painting is are challenged. Also by taking away objects, the non space plays a role. What is selected for a new composition and what is left out. This exhibition deals with these topics in which the artworks speak a dialogue about conventions, on architecture and on the importance of aesthetics which is foremost left out nowadays.

04.05.2017 — 04.06.2017