5 à 7 is an initiative begun by a group of BEAR and DBKV students in 2015. The idea was to have a space within the school for a more active and dynamic student life. The result was the transformation of the back coffee room in OK 74 into a ‘woonkamer’ (which has been baptized alternatively by students as ‘the nest’ and the ‘fight club’) and weekly gatherings organized by and for the students.

These gatherings have taken various forms such as jam sessions, performances, screenings, pop-up shows, karaoke, guest speakers, exhibitions, and workshops. Many initiatives have connected to local scenes in Arnhem and its surrounding area, including the underground music scene, local thrift shops, Code ROOD, ruruhuis, and art history faculty of the Radboud University in Nijmegen.

For the academic year of 2017-2018, the 5 à 7 ongoing initiatives will focus on issues of self-empowerment related to gender, as well as, transforming the newly acquired building that houses BEAR and DBKV into a more sustainable and creative framework, paying special attention to the back garden and how it connects to its immediate neighborhood. The 5 à 7 will continue to collaborate with local organizations and in particular with Bar De Groen, which is largely operated by BEAR alumni.

The 5 à 7 events are open to all, to follow what is happening when, please visit our
facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/5-à-7-213273659013488/

‘5 à 7’
20-12-2017 A Mild Obsession
07-12-2017 Not the And
23-11-2017 Lego Night
02-11-2017 Screening: A Punk Singer
27-10-2017 Fall Soup

01-06-2017 Tropical Ceremony & BBQ
18-05-2017 Aftheoparty & Carmels Karaoke Paradijs
11-05-2017 Drinks and Domas 
04-05-2017 Researches Works Exhibition 
 20-04-2017 full day
13-04-2017 Boardgames
30-03-2017 Cabaret Voltaire 
23-03-2017 Artistic Research
16-03-2017 Studium Generale
09-03-2017 Discombobulations
23-02-2017 Underground Cinema 
16-02-2017 [Work] Discussion 
09-02-2017 Lets Make Art Together
19-01-2017 Titeltirannie 
09-01-2017 Put the ART in pARty

20-12-2016 XMASS PARTY
15-12-2016 Wentelteefjes #01
08-12-2016 The Power Of Film – Timescrambles
01-12-2016 Workshop Seflie
24-11-2016 Inspired by…
17-11-2016 Let’s talk politics together
10-11-2016 What Art You Doing
BEAR at the Ruhrtriennale Poetics of Relation/
20-10-2016 Title For a Play
08-09-2016 Mariel Is Back
28-04-2016 Power of Film

01.01.2016 — 31.12.2017