‘A famous fashion designer has a nervous breakdown after the president is assassinated’

—short synopsis for a possible movie by Harmony Korine.

First of all thank you very much for reading this already and hopefully the rest of my proposal. Also I hope you will consider any form of participation after you finished reading everything completely, or stopped halfway for some reason (A reason can be a good or obvious cause to do something). Here we go:

(I am making this up right now by the way ‘which means almost exactly the same ‘so everything is still discussible, let’s say, everything that I am saying now is a fundament for change, ok?) All right.

Here we go: (TITLE FOR A PLAY) is a project that we can do during 5à7 and maybe outside of it. I have my reasons why I want to do this project. Mainly I think it will be fun and requires an other way of looking at work, art, life, live and the present somehow. We will think about realizing a play, we will fight for its existence, without having to perform actually.

20.10.2016 — 20.10.2016