Studying for a short period at ArtEZ is a unique opportunity to gain experience in working with people from different cultural backgrounds, and to improve your language skills. We offer our program in English.

When you have been accepted to ArtEZ, you have to make arrangements for housing, insurances et cetera.

To enter the Netherlands and take up temporary residence, you will need to complete the correct immigration formalities.
• Birth certificate
• Residence permit (financial guarantee non eu)

In Holland, students usually do not live on campus but have their own room.
ArtEZ students going abroad for an exchange or internship rent out their rooms temporarily via Facebook. It is advisable to start your orientation on housing before coming to the Netherlands. Read more about studenthousing in Holland at the Nuffic website.

For more information: Study at ArtEZ

Please send us your application by e-mail or upload your application via We-Transfer. Your application has to contain: • Application form (see next page) • Motivation letter • Portfolio (max. 3MB) • CV with personal data (address, former education, language skills et cetera) • Transcript of Records

A portfolio is a collection of work and ideas demonstrating the state of your creative development. Your creativity, knowledge, interests, and skills are represented. All applicants must submit a portfolio as part of the admission process. Its primary goal is to show us how you communicate ideas and how you make use of research processes and materials. Your portfolio should contain 10-15 examples of your most recent work, that best represents your personal interests and abilities. It is recommended that at least 50% of your portfolio work should be self-directed projects, i.e. work done outside of structured art classes. If you have worked on a collaborative project, please indicate what you have directly contributed to the project. Images from sketchbooks, journals, and notebooks that illustrate your research and process are encouraged.

• For the spring semester: 1 November
• For the autumn semester: 1 April Placement and acceptance

We want to inform you that applying does not necessary lead to placement and acceptance of students. Students are accepted based on the quality of their work and the amount of available places at the departments.

For applying send your E-mail to Joe Fang King