Lecture Alicia Framis, 2014

Lecture Gijs Assmann, 2014

Tutor Discussion

There are lectures and debates almost every week by one of the tutors, guest art historians, theorists, curators or artists. The lectures are open to everyone, including to those who have not yet enrolled in the Fine Art program.

Most lectures are held in the Auditorium on Tuesdays at 09:30 h. (please see our agenda for current lectures). The program focusses and explores visual arts and the place of art and culture in society. Students learn ideas and works of a wide range of artists and other professionals.

‘Can you send me a sexy photo of yourself? SELFIES before and after the digitisation of photography’
by Tutor Korrie Besem

‘Experimental Psychology’
by Prof. Tutor Johan Wagemans

‘The paper handshake’
by Alex de Vries

by Cornel Bierens

Mensbeeld (humanity)
by prof. dr Wil Roebroeks (archeology /  University of Leiden)

Tuesday Lectures

24 oct Nat Muller 16 h
31 oct Otto Boelens 16 h
7 nov. Erik Viskil. 16 h
9 nov. Studium Generale
21 nov Nadine Botha 9.30
28 nov. Mirjam Westen 16 h
12 dec. Dan Walwin 9.30 h