‘5 à 7’ is a new initiative of the Base for Experiment, Art and Research, Department Fine Art, ArtEZ Arnhem. We try to create a campus feel outside class. On a free and interactive way students are challenged to discuss their own interest and contemporary art in general outside class hours, every Thursday from 17:00 – 19:00 h. Curators will develop a program weekly. This will be more than a class, course or lecture. Everything is possible. Our main objective is to create a campus feel and an idea that our working space is more than just a building. It should be a place where students feel at home, where they collaborate, discuss and interact with other disciplines inside ArtEZ and outside.

‘5 à 7’
Put the ART in pARty 09-01-2017
Titeltirannie 19-01-2017 

Lets Make Art Together 09-02-2017
[Work] Discussion 16-02-2017
Underground Cinema 23-02-2017
Discombobulations 09-03-2017
Studium Generale 16-03-2017
Artistic Research 23-03-2017
Cabaret Voltaire 30-03-2017

Power of Film 28-04-2016
Mariel Is Back 08-09-2016
Title For a Play 20-10-2016
BEAR at the Ruhrtriennale Poetics of Relation/
What Art You Doing 10-11-2016
Let’s talk politics together 17-11-2016
Inspired by … 24-11-2016
Workshop Seflie 01-12-2016
The Power Of Film – Timescrambles 08-12-2016
Wentelteefjes #01 15-12-2016
XMASS PARTY 20-12-2016

01.01.2016 — 31.12.2017